"Celebrating 35 years of organized snowmobiling with the OFSC"
Old Hastings Snow Riders
::: 2017-09-25
OHSR work bee weekend planned for October 28/29, 2017
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::: 2017-05-24
OHSR Work BEE on Sunday, May 28, 2017
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::: 2017-05-23
Next general Meeting Monday, June 19 2017
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::: 2017-04-06
Old Hastings Snow Riders Annual Appreciation Dinner APRIL 22, 2017
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::: 2017-04-06
OHSR Annual General Meeting April 22, 2017 Coe HILL
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::: 2017-03-20
OHSR General Meeting March 20, 2017
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::: 2017-02-19
Tempoarily delayed ***OHSR Need help getting Trails cleared!!!***
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::: 2017-02-19
Next General Meeting for Club March 20, 2017
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STAY SAFE | Be Defensive

Engine noise and your helmet may impair your hearing, so be extra alert for danger. Never assume what another snowmobiler will do. Your safety is in your hands, so watch out for:

  • Obstacles hidden by the snow
  • Trees and branches on the trail
  • Slow grooming equipment
  • Oncoming sleds
  • Other trail users ( skiers, walkers, )
  • Wildlife Trail wash outs and flooding
  • Snow banks and moguls
  • Road and railway crossings
  • Unexpected corners, intersections and stops
  • Bridges, open water and unsafe ice Logging operations

Use Trail at Your Own Risk




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Entering  'Bancroft ' as your location on the map will give you the option of choosing OLD HASTINGS SNOW RIDERS as your club

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