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STAY SAFE | Driver Training Program

Under the authority of the Motorized Snow Vehicle Act, The Minister of Transportation has authorized the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) as an agent to issue snow vehicle operator's licences. The OFSC provides members of the public with the knowledge and skills required to operate a motorized snow vehicle safely. The Ministry approves the curriculum and all revisions to the curriculum. The chief Master Instructor is the OFSC contact person for the purposes of this agreement.

The Club Instructors report to the Master Instructor and the Master Instructor reports to the Chief Master Instructor. The Chief Master Instructor reports to Ministry of Transportation Ontario, the Chair of Driver Training and to the Chair of Programs and Club Services.

There are 409 Club Instructors, 20 Master Instructors and one Chief Master Instructor in the Province. The number of Instructors varies as new Instructors are trained and others resign. All clubs have at least one instructor.

Driver Training Office
Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs
Driver Training Office
106 Saunders Road,
Unit 12 Barrie, ON L4N 9A8

Telephone: 705 739 7669 Ext 238
Fax : 705 739 5005
Email: drivertrain@ofsc.on.ca

The Driver Training Course

Age Requirement
The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs has a contract with the Ministry of Transportation to train students in the safe operation of snowmobiles. In order to attend, a student must be 12 years of age or over on the day the course begins.

Course Material
All course material is approved by the Ministry of Transportation.

Course Fees
The course fee is set by the Ministry of Transportation and includes the cost of the student books. The course fee is reviewed annually.

The Driver Training Program is self supporting from the registration fee and requires no funding from either the OFSC or MTO. The MTO contract with the OFSC stipulates that they have the right to audit the Driver Training records including the financial books.

The course fee is currently set at $ 40.00 by MTO and includes all course materials.

Length of Course
The course is a minimum of six hours of classroom instruction

Number of Students
The course size is limited to a maximum of 20 students at each training session.

Course Content
  • History and development of Snowmobiles
  • Motorized snow vehicle laws of Ontario
  • Trespass to property Act.
  • Occupies Liability Act.
  • General Features and Theory of Operation of a Snowmobile
  • Operation and general maintenance of a snowmobile
  • Preparation of a snowmobile for safe operation
  • Pre-Ride Inspection
  • Procedure Trouble Shooting
  • Operation of the snowmobile and recognizing hazards
  • Snowmobile Clothing
  • Coping with emergencies and cold weather survival
  • Promoting a more positive and responsible attitude and behaviour when operating a snowmobile.


Upon the successful completion of the driver training course including a written exam, a student is issued a Motorized Snow Vehicle Operator's Licence. The students who possess a valid Ontario Drivers Licence of any class at the time of taking the course are given a card certifying completion of the course. A motorized Snow Vehicle Licence or a valid Ontario Drivers Licence of any class is required by anyone who operates a snowmobile off their own property.

Anyone who does not have a valid driver's license because of a court or police action will not be issued a Motorized Snow Vehicle Driver's License.

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